Keep Going

Keep Going

3 days down of my AB workout and many more to go! The hardest part about working out is the “waiting game”. You want to see results NOW. Don’t worry, results will come the only thing you need to focus on is the “NOW”. Work on getting to the goal you set for yourself today to achieve your goals tomorrow.


Gym Horror



For a long time I’ve been avoiding the gym for 2 reasons:

1) I run funny. I pretty much run with a duck waddle.. it’s a little embarrassing. 

2) I’m so uneducated about all the machinery there. It can be a little intimidating at first especially with all the “pros” using the equipment without a problem.

So I officially completed day 2 of my AB workout. I also have been running for 30 minutes straight since day 1. I run at my own pace, which for some people might be considered walking. The point is that you run and DON’T stop. Before starting this AB/running routine I always used the excuse of “I don’t like the gym” or “I just ate”. There comes a point when you just want to yell STOP at yourself and just get up and do it! I believe that is what happened to me this week. For the past 3 years I’ve been telling myself that I love to run and workout, but I never actually completed a workout during that time. So what got me going? What sparked by step? Well to be honest, it has been knowing that at the end of the day I get on my wordpress blog and write to you all about it. 


it’s strange how life works. That complete strangers are the ones keeping me going, but I absolutely love it! I don’t know if it’s just me, but I get nervous in front of people who I do now, but i’m 100% outgoing with people who I just met. 

I want to say thank you for all my readers for keeping me going (although you don’t know it). 


Morning Yummies

Alright Readers,

Thinking of a fresh morning breakfast, or even a snack?

Today I made a easy, no biggie, Greek yogurt and fruit breakfast bowl. With a touch of organic oats, as my “cherry” on top, it tastes amazing. Below is the image of the yogurt I have, I know there is a healthier option but that one doesn’t include the vanilla flavor. 🙂 I bought this as SAMS,  but I know regular grocery stores carry this brand.



Also as a drink to this, try freshly juiced oranges OR you can try my favorite, Acai juice.  They carry this brand at Costco and a similar brand at SAMS. If you can, buy the most organic, natural  Acai juice. The costco brand tastes the most natural. This past August I went to Rio and tried freshly juiced Acai, it’s amazing, but EXTREMELY rare to find here.


Salmon to Impress

Alright readers,

The other day I cooked a delicious salmon. I’m not the biggest fish person, but after this easy (10 min MAX) recipe I believe I’ve changed my mind. So what does it take?

1) Lemon Pepper

2)Rosemary Garlic



And that’s it! I got all my ingredients from Kroger, very easy to find. The salmon cooks quickly Image


FYI: I completed day 1 of my AB workout. Told ya’ll I would 🙂

Gotta Start Somewhere

Gotta Start Somewhere

This is a follow up on my last post about motivation and reasons not to workout. As I mentioned I still don’t know why I am so lazy, but with the help of you all I will start my 30 day challenge. You can definitely join me, that way we can accomplish this together. I will update you all at the bottom of every post I make just so I keep myself in check!

Trying is better then doing nothing and if you start slow just know that in the end you are achieving more then you ever were on the couch or standing in front of the mirror.

Struggle to Hustle?




That’s a long list for reasons to workout, but even knowing all the benefits we still decide not to workout. Why? The key to working out and starting a “new you” is have the right kind of motivation. For months I’ve been asking myself “what is my motivation?” I use to be fit and in great shape, but what is the difference between now and then? I’m not sure, yet everyday I want to get up and go. Seize the day! But like any other “lazy” person I hit the kitchen is not the gym.

So what is keeping you from working out or starting a “new you”? And if you are in the right track, how did you start?

Avocado What??

Alright readers,

it’s been so long, but i’m very happy to still have you! Let’s begin..

I’ve tried this Avocado Oil by Now Solutions for the first time the other day. It claims to be great for your skin ( moisture & elasticity)  and although I’ve only used it a few times since  i bought, I love what it does to my skin & HAIR!


I usually have clean, dry skin. One of my biggest concerns is that my skin doesn’t have enough moisture during the day so I heard about this product and I gave it a shot! My skin feels very soft and smooth with this product and i really like the results. You don’t need a lot of oil to cover your whole face. it does take awhile for your skin to absorb it however ( little downside?) also it has an interesting smell, but not horrible. Either way, I think it’s a great product if you want more of a natural skin treatment. I don’t recommend to use it before make-up or exercise. leaves skin looking and feeling healthy for a cheap, gentle cost!


This is a skin product, BUT I used it for my hair too and I love it! I’ve recently got an ombre hair style and as you can imagine the chemicals really drained my hair out, but I applied the oil and it made a huge difference. The oil made my hair feel very natural and gave it the lasting moisture it needs. If you are concerned with dry hair I recommend that you use avocado oil or to be honest any kind of oil in your hair.  I also use the coconut oil after showers, but since the new solutions avocado oil is very heavy ( kinda of like a “hair mask” ) I leave it in for a couple hours then take it out.

Overall, it’s such a gentle oil that you can apply it anywhere on your body so it’s definitely worth a try!

Now Solutions Oil