Morning Yummies

Alright Readers,

Thinking of a fresh morning breakfast, or even a snack?

Today I made a easy, no biggie, Greek yogurt and fruit breakfast bowl. With a touch of organic oats, as my “cherry” on top, it tastes amazing. Below is the image of the yogurt I have, I know there is a healthier option but that one doesn’t include the vanilla flavor. 🙂 I bought this as SAMS,  but I know regular grocery stores carry this brand.



Also as a drink to this, try freshly juiced oranges OR you can try my favorite, Acai juice.  They carry this brand at Costco and a similar brand at SAMS. If you can, buy the most organic, natural  Acai juice. The costco brand tastes the most natural. This past August I went to Rio and tried freshly juiced Acai, it’s amazing, but EXTREMELY rare to find here.



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